Attic ladders

A Storage Haven

Now that the holidays are over, its time to pack up your Christmas trees and mistletoe’s. With all the gifts and additions you and your family had receive during the season of giving the ironic dilemma now stands...
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Creative attic-storage

Raising the roof to create space

WHEN Brendan and Lisa Soraghan decided to renovate their Moonee Ponds home, they expanded upwards rather than outwards.The Soraghans undertook a less than traditional attic renovation...
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Tips for Storing Clothes Long Term

Whilst on annual leave recently, I finally took the opportunity to sort through my sons stuff. I still had all of his baby clothes mixed in with the clothes he is currently in. I was going to pop them in...
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Clever Storage Ideas For Your Attic

Using your attic as storage can be very efficient, but it comes with a few challenges. The most commonly encountered is the shape of the space and how you should organize...
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