During the warmer months, excess heat builds up in the roof during the day. If this heat is not removed, it will be trapped inside the roof long after the sun goes down and continues to heat the home. Air conditioning systems are then used in an attempt to cool down the home. Air ventilation removes this heat, and in turn reduces electricity bills.


Macs Attics provide every solution for you to improve your home roof ventilation system. While there are many providers of attic ventilation in Perth, we offer the best services when it comes to installing an effective roof ventilation system to work in conjunction with your insulation. We bring a wide range of systems that are available from just $150, including installation.


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During winter and at night, warm air from the house moves into the roof. This warm air then hits the cold roof underside and condenses, and then falls back onto the ceiling that causes mould and mildew to grow over time. Excess moisture can cause insulation and construction materials to deteriorate more quickly and can be hazardous to health.

Our attic ventilation systems are an inexpensive way to assist you in creating that perfect home comfort solution.